What an honor: my projection painting prototype was publicly featured in futuregarden for 2 weeks. The original canvas was repainted with 5 different colors.

At the entrance of the futuregarden a beamer, a laptop running my processing script (here at github), an arduino uno and a hall sensor were hooked up. The beamer pointing at the canvas projected five additional colors to create five new colors.

Futuregarden Beamer
Futuregarden Beamer
Futuregarden in Action 01
Futuregarden in Action 03
Futuregarden Lights on
Futuregarden no Beamer
Futuregarden in Action 02

Each time the door of the futuregarden was opened and somebody entered or left., five new colors were thrown on the canvas. These five-color palettes were created using the “crowd-color” platform colorlovers. In addtion, to my own color palettes, I featured some others I liked:

  • juno
  • roger_miller
  • who_rang
  • She_Tells_Herself
  • barbie_soldier
  • im_a_rocket
  • verrazano
  • may
  • brunnen
  • old_profs_beard
  • Summer_Thoughts
  • random_192
  • EstanteDaImaginação
  • Mauve
  • No_Clever_Title
  • cloth
  • Snacks_On_Sunday
  • Rewind_Start_Over
  • Black_Gold
  • I_Go_In_And_Out

The result was the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a beer.