Data Painting – The Past in Realtime

Combining traditional painting with data visualization. Based on timesheets of our company ambuzzador the painting shows which work was done in the past years for each minute of the day.

After the infamous projection prototype, my first work is finished: the past in realtime. It displays our team’s diverging efforts for each minute of the day on a painted canvas. Based on the data of 51.000 time entries of ambuzzador‘s past, the painting explains the distribution of our working time for six categories: project management, meetings, conceptual design, consulting, editorial services and content creation. For each minute, six color tones are projected on variably sized, painted areas. For instance, the amount of the screen the blue color fills is the proportion of the work spent on meetings at that time. In short: A pie chart without a pie.

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Projection Painting Prototype

Combining traditional painting and projection mapping using processing and arduino for the ultimate interactive art experience.

Executive Summary

The structure of the canvas, mixing colors right on the canvas, layer after layer and letting the coincidence help is what makes traditional painting so powerful. However, as a nerdophile person I often miss the undo button and the color wheel of the digital world.

Luckily, I came across the processing movement turning code into art and vice versa. The perfect base to combine vivid richness of painted structure with the interactive and dynamic power of code. In fact, I had the idea of creating a painting hanging in a local club and each time someone enters or leaves  the room the color palette of the painting changes.

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